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Here is a list of my favorite links about drum gear. I hope this list helps you choose great products.

Gretsch Drums

My Favorite Drum Company.  I use the USA Custom series drums.

Bebop: 18x14"Bass, 14x14" Floor Tom, 7x12" Mounted Tom, 5.5x14" Snare

Big Band: 14x20" Bass, 14x14" Floor Tom, 8x12" Mounted Tom, 5.5x14" Snare

Pop: 14x22" Bass, 16x16" Floor Tom, 8x13" Mounted Tom, 7x10" Mounted Tom, 5"x14" Chrome over BrassSnare

Bosphorus Cymbals

The Cymbals I use. I love these handmade instruments!

20th Anniversary Model for Small Group Jazz: 14" HH, 19" Crash Ride, 22" Ride, 22" Trash Crash

Jazz Masters Series for Big Band: 14" HH, 20" Crash Ride, 22" Ride, 22" China

Pop: XT Traditional 14" HH, 18" XT Traditional Crash, 19" XT Traditional Crash, 22" Gold Series Ride

Innovative Sticks

I use JW-2 studio model and ES-1 Model

Gibraltar Hardware

Solid Hardware that is road friendly

Aquarian Drum Heads

My favorite Drum Head company. I use texture coated heads on all my drums.

Stick Hammock

A portable table to keep your sticks, brushes, & mallets organized. Great for those quick switches!